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Styling A White & Natural Lounge Room

White Manhattan Lounge infront of mantle.

Our shipment of recycled elm furniture has just arrived, and it’s not just any old furniture, but one-off pieces filled with character and charm. This collection of Bohai furniture is probably the best we have ever received. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is sure to make an impact in any room. Mixing this unique furniture with other natural elements creates a room filled with interest and charm that is unique to you. It looks amazing used in bathrooms or entrance halls. If used in a bathroom, consider turning it into a vanity unit by plumbing the bowl into the top. It will really turn heads and make a great feature in a small space.

Mixing bleached timber with white is a stunning combination and back by popular demand we have just received our shipment of white temple jars. Available in different sizes you are sure to find the perfect one to add to your room. Made from beautiful ceramics, they look amazing lit from within. Our suggestion is to use battery operated candles, which allow you to place the lanterns outside without having to worry about a flame being blown out.

Combining rustic raw timber with these highly glossed white ceramic pieces is sure to bring elegance and sophistication to your home.

Bohai console and coffee table.

Rustic coffee table with hudson florida chairs.

Brown rattan chest under Bohai console.

White temple jars on rustic timber side table.

White Temple Jars on the mantle.





Decorating With Light Blues & White

Console styled with aqua and white.

Mantel, blue lounge with white cushions.

There are many different ways to create an elegant room, but sometimes when it comes to mixing heavy timber and raw elements there can be some trepidation. An elegant, sophisticated room doesn’t have to mean cut crystal candlesticks, symmetry and highly polished surfaces. Here is our take on a modern, sophisticated room, which you would find in a Hamptons style house or a modern family home.

Aqua and white stacked on console.

Blending is key here. Start by blending together a heavy timber coffee table with a beautiful hand woven rug, this will bring a refined edge to your table and set the tone for the room. Next add some colour, like this sophisticated grey/blue sofa. This is a great base colour as you can bring out as much of the blues, seaglass or greys as you like. It is a colour used extensively in Hamptons style decorating and looks beautiful up against white, as you will see in the piping of this sofa. It is also a great colour to consider when painting a room, if you want to bring a bit more colour but still keep it semi-neutral.

As we are using heavier tones and textures, we have chosen to bring out the cooler turquoise colour through the chosen artwork, which will lift the room and add a ‘brightness’ to it.

Light blue armchair with cream cushion.

Stunning cream cushions on light blue lounge.

Tropoical inspired decor.

Another way we have brought balance to this room is by pulling out the sandy colours in the artwork and using it throughout the rest of the space. We have done this by introducing seagrass cushions, shells and other pieces of timber. This keeps the room full of texture and warmth and creates interest. Finally, mix in some fine, white coral or white orchids, which seem to magically bring any room to life.

Shop The Hamptons

Do you know that you can shop by design style on our website? It is no secret that we are a little obsessed with the Hamptons, so we just had to put a collection together of our favourite hamptons inspired pieces.

The Hamptons style is all about creating a causal, beach-side living feel, but with a sophisticated and upmarket approach. White walls with tongue and grove boards, timber floors with natural jute rugs and linen couches are classic Hampton choices. For decorative accents think nautical knot door stops, coral, oars and crystal lamps. For more ideas on how to put together a Hamptons look shop the Hamptons Collection.

A collection of hamptons products.

Styled pictures of the Hamptons.

Styling with Grey & White

When it comes to fulfilling a design brief that calls for a sophisticated look, then nothing compares to grey and white.

Grey and white is classy and crisp and mixed with crystal, white coral and glass there is no negative distraction to the eye. Everything will work together in harmony creating a beautiful mood.

Layer various tones and textures of grey and make sure you use plenty of white. White is what will keep the mood of the room light and not dreary. It will make your greys “pop”. If you love the look of all white, but have pets or children to consider, when it comes to all white upholstery or bedding, then use grey as your base and use white as your accent, instead of the other way around. The best example of this is the new Vermont sofa covers, which are dark grey linen, piped in white. The white piping lifts the whole sofa and gives it a sophisticated finish.

If your walls are all white then consider a dark grey lamp shade instead of the traditional white. Again, it will stand out in a bold yet elegant way and frame the lamp base below.

Grey and white is also a favourite when creating a classic Hamptons style. Mixing these two neutrals with raw timber and incorporating striped fabrics, heavy textures and rattan will give you a casual and calm interior.








Book Review; Hamptons, Cottages & the Caribbean

This week on the blog we thought we would do a quick round up of our three favourite books out at the moment. Whether you are into designer houses in the Hamptons, romantic cottages in the country or tropical escapes, each of this week’s selection will have you relaxing on the couch in no time.

The Cottage Under The Big Pines Book

Spreads from The Cottage Under The Big Pines

The Cottage Under The Big Pines, is written by Susan Southham, best selling author of Velvet Pears, and lovingly details her 30-year relationship with her restored century-old timber cottage called Foxglove Spires in rural NSW.

Filled with stunning photographs, the reader is able to peer in through the windows of the cottage to view the romantically decorated and soul-filled interiors within as well as the stunning gardens.  The imagery is supported by meditative essays on the seasons and colours that have inspired her life.

The Cottage Under the Big Pines is a relaxing read that encourages us to take notice of the little, everyday  details around us that enrich our lives.


Spreads from Carribean Hideaways.

Megan Nolan van Reesema has one of the most enviable jobs around. As a travel writer and luxury hotel and villa consultant, Meg gets to travel the world finding the very best places to stay around the world. Meg’s new book, Caribbean Hideaways, is a collection of the most chic and breathtaking villas in the Caribbean to relax, unwind and enjoy the island breeze.  From Hermitage Bay in Antigua to a private estate in Barbados, this book features 30 destinations from fifteen islands in the region.  With over 200 lavish photographs, we can’t help drooling over the incredible island interiors and dreaming of how we can achieve our own little slice of island life at home.

Design In The Hamptons Book

Spreads fron Design In The Hamptons

Architecture and interiors in the Hampton’s are inspired by the renowned natural beauty of the area, with homes designed to take in the ocean vistas and coastal lifestyle. The book, Design In The Hamptons, offers a rarified look into nineteen private houses in the area designed by today’s top designers, such as, Jonathan Adler, Joe d’Urso and Thad Hayes among many others. Through many luxurious photographs we are taken to grand historic properties, postage-stamp-sized cottages, to outdoor areas perfect for pool parties. A great coffee table book filled with inspiration for your own home, this book will have you constantly flipping through, discovering more and more design ideas each time.