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Creating A Bouquet

We have put together a little video of one of our florists from The Flower House at Alfresco Emporium, Collaroy, making a classic white rose and hydrangea bouquet. We hope you enjoy!

Bianco Dinner Setting

So, you have carefully chosen the menu, planned out your complimentary wine list and invited over your nearest and dearest. Now for the fun part, how to dress the table. This is where, along with your chosen dishes and music choice, you can really create atmosphere and something memorable.

Layering is the key, however, you can make it as simple or extravagant as you like. Start by choosing your favourite dinner set. We have just received our latest shipment of Bianco dinnerware, this time in a beautiful sea foam colour, to compliment the classic white. This is our chosen dinner setting for our casual lunch today.

If you would prefer to create a formal setting find a plain table cloth that allows for your dinner set to stand out, or if you have a plain dinner set, you might want to use a patterned tablecloth. The style we are creating today is fresh, classic and casual, so we have chosen a table runner to frame the centre of the table and rattan placemats to mark everyone’s place settings.

Flowers and candles are always a must and there is a world of different combinations to choose from. We have set the table with a single stem of hydrangea for each guest and chosen to illuminate it with a cluster of crisp white pillar candles. The centrepiece is a large footed stand filled with fresh figs for guests to help themselves and add to the salad we are serving as entree. The wine glasses we have chosen are simple and casual, perfect for a long lunch or casual dinner party.

Finally, we have sprinkled green and blue seaglass across the table which highlights the colour from the figs and hydrangea. It’s amazing how something so simple can spark conversations from your guests of their own adventures of beachcombing.

Bon Appetit!

How To Decorate A Lounge Room

When styling a lounge room we always recommend to start with the most decorative or colourful piece. In the video example below, we were inspired by these luscious emerald green gates and pink magnolias. We used these two decorative elements to set the colour palette for the rest of the room, which ties everything together and creates harmony.

To get more tips on selecting cushions, creating a coffee table vignette and working with colour and texture check out the video below or watch it on our You Tube channel here.

How To Dress A Mantle

There are two ways to display a fireplace mantle… formal and casual. It’s important to think about the overall “feel and mood” you wish to create before you start decorating. For a formal style always stick to symmetry and simplicity and make sure the mantle is balanced with textures and colours. In contrast, a casual mantle is all about placement and showcasing little collections in organic arrangements. I hope the short step by step video, at the bottom of this post, inspires you and helps you create a mantle perfect for your home.

How to create a casual mantle.

A casual display created by relaxed groupings of dynasty jars and coral.

How to create a formal mantle.

A formal display using symmetrically placed neutrals and artwork. Learn how to create the above two looks in the video below.

Examples of how to dress a mantle.

Inspiring Images of Mantles
Images sourced from (top left to right): KBK Interior Design, Design Transformations Inc & JMA Interior Decoration.

For more decorating tips watch our video below or check it out on our You Tube channel here.

Coastal Style: AE talks to Bernice Standen

Bernice Standen is the talented, stylish artist behind various shell artworks and products found at Alfresco Emporium. Bernice lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her husband and children, and is fascinated by the many varieties and abundant beauty of shells and coral offered by mother nature. Like AE she is always coming up with new ways to display and showcase these shells. I hope you enjoy our interview.

View our video with Bernice on You Tube.

Bernice Standen's door stops

Left, A wreath hung from a ladder in Bernice’s studio and right, a collection of doorstops.

Bernice Standen's crosses.

Bernice and Linda Hore hold up one of Bernice’s crosses.

Bernice Standen's latest mirror.

Discussing Bernice’s latest mirror.

Beautiful crosses made by Bernice Standen

Beautiful white mirror and crosses made by Bernice Standen.