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Interviews with local designers, makers and interesting people.

Coastal Style: AE talks to Bernice Standen

Bernice Standen is the talented, stylish artist behind various shell artworks and products found at Alfresco Emporium. Bernice lives on the northern beaches of Sydney with her husband and children, and is fascinated by the many varieties and abundant beauty of shells and coral offered by mother nature. Like AE she is always coming up with new ways to display and showcase these shells. I hope you enjoy our interview.

View our video with Bernice on You Tube.

Bernice Standen's door stops

Left, A wreath hung from a ladder in Bernice’s studio and right, a collection of doorstops.

Bernice Standen's crosses.

Bernice and Linda Hore hold up one of Bernice’s crosses.

Bernice Standen's latest mirror.

Discussing Bernice’s latest mirror.

Beautiful crosses made by Bernice Standen

Beautiful white mirror and crosses made by Bernice Standen.