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We can’t get enough of anchors at AE, catch our enthusiasm for them with these blog posts.

Finding Inspiration

Lookout! Inspiration can hit you from any direction. It may be in the form of words or  from a particular fragrance. Mother nature offers it to us in abundance and photographs, magazines and stores like Alfresco Emporium are always working hard to hand deliver it to you.

The inspiration for our latest collection of block print napery comes from nature and the environment around our head office on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Both the pineapple and anchor have been regular design features at Alfresco Emporium over the years, which may be a reflection of our love for anything nautical and tropical inspired. Nautical design and island style is an endless world of inspiration that I never tire of.

The anchor that we used for our latest block print seemed to follow us around wherever we went. One of my favourite shirts, which I’ve had for years, is red with a white anchor print and my gorgeous friend Olivia gave me this ceramic pendant with an anchor stamped into it, to remind me of our trip to Noosa and the Eumundi markets. The anchor pendant is a little symbol for staying strong and grounded, which comes with me wherever I go. The delicate gold anchor and pineapple charms are from northern beaches designer, Kirstin Ash, which are now available online and in our stores. The detail in the charms are just stunning; so delicate and fine.

Anchor shirt and necklace.

Speaking of ‘fine’ brings me to the next photograph from our inspiration board. Can anyone guess what bottle that cork comes from? I will give you a hint. It has very ‘fine’ bubbles and comes dressed in a rich, yellow label and is one of my favourite French champagnes…have you guessed it? That’s right, it is the cork from a bottle of Verve Cliquet, and after all these years I have only just noticed that the stamp on the top is an anchor. It was just like it was meant to be.

The rich yellow labels and boxes of Verve look fabulous (sweety darling) lined up for a pop of colour, as do a row of fresh golden pineapples. As you may know, the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome and it seemed fitting to use this design for table linen, where you are gathered with friends and family to share a meal. The anchor and pineapple tablecloths, cushions and napkins come in a mix of blue, grey, white and red. They are all hand stamped and produced in India, from fine Indian cotton.

The next time you are in need of some inspiration, keep your eyes open as you never know where it might come from.

Hand block printed pineapple and anchor table linens.

Printing the anchor table cloths.